Michael Dooney is a lighting designer, consultant & educator; photographer and gallery director. At the core of his overall practice is a holistic methodology and approach, which encompasses light in all of its facets. He is particularly interested in how light influences our perception of space, how materials are revealed, the way people behave and the overall atmosphere within an environment.

Lighting Designer, Consultant & Educator
Having a technical background in draughting and electrical design, his creative pursuits within music and the visual arts led him to a professional career as a lighting designer. After working for ten years at the same electrical consultancy in Perth, Australia; Michael relocated to Germany in order to study lighting.

Over the course of his career he has been involved in a variety of different projects from multi residential and public institutes to exterior lighting and master planning.

He also lectures about gallery and exhibition lighting through NODE Center for Curatorial Studies.


Michael’s photographic approach underlines his curiosity and sensibility for light, using the camera as a means of discovering new places and people. Removing the structure present in conventional design, photography allows Michael to explore themes outside the realms of architecture.

Director of Galerie Pavlova
The combined experiences of living as an Australian in Europe, together with his varied professional & creative pursuits, inspired Michael to establish Galerie Pavlova; a platform dedicated to the promotion of Australian & New Zealand contemporary photography, as well as a point of cultural exchange between his two homes.

Michael lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He holds an MA in Architectural Lighting Design and is a design member of the Illuminating Engineering Society IES and Berufsverband Bildender K√ľnstler Berlins E.V. (Association of Visual Artists Berlin).